Signals Of Tomorrow Showcase: ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Role: Exhibition Producer, showcase / Oct 2015

Client: FutureEverything

Singapore citizens were invited to a five day workshop to collaborate with leading designers to share ideas, affect policy, co-design prototypes and create artistic responses to issues surrounding a ‘Smart Nation’.

The final prototypes were exhibited at a special ArtScience Sunday Showcase event at the ArtScience museum in Singapore engaging over 500 visitors.

Sam Hill & Ben Barker (PAN Studios)
Daniel Hirschmann (Technology Will Save Us)
Matthew Rosier (Playable Cities 2014 Award-Winning Interactive Experience Designer)
Andreas Schlegel (LASALLE Arts)
Debbie Ding (Designer, Singapore Psychogeographical Society)
Natalie Kane (V&A, Haunted Machines)
Assemble (Turner Prize nominated architect collective.)

The exhibition was a part of The Festival of Tech for FutureEverything Singapore.