Role: Producer, 2018

Artist: Naho Matsuda

Client: FutureEverything for The Great Exhibition of the North

The second iteration of Naho Matsuda’s artwork EVERY THING EVERY TIME was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of the North 2018. A three-month celebration of the North of England’s artists, designers and inventors, the Exhibition will feature a huge number of artworks, performances, experiences and new commissions.

Naho’s artwork interacted with data from across the city provided by sensors from the Urban Observatory at Newcastle University and the buildings across the city centre. As Newcastle and Gateshead citizens passed through the city a poem is generated about their interactions in realtime, made anonymous and then displayed on a mechanical display outside the Theatre Royal in the city centre of Newcastle.

EVERY THING EVERY TIME will be shown outside the Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne from June 22nd to September 9th.

[Image credit: Kevin Gibson]

Take a listen to the EVERY THING EVERY TIME podcast talks in more detail about the city of Newcastle and the inspiration behind the project.

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