Closed Hands

Role: Producer, 2018

Concept artwork by Loz Ives

Concept artwork by Loz Ives

Artist/Client: : Dan Hett, Passenger Games

Closed Hands is an experimental game work which will allow the user to explore the stories of a myriad of characters who have been impacted by a terror attack.

This work is the next in a series of games created by the artist Dan Hett, who tragically lost his brother in the Manchester terror attack in 2017, each of which conceptually engages with themes of grief and the experience of being at the centre of public interest in the aftermath of the attack. These works include ‘c ya laterrrr’, ‘Sorry to Bother You’, and ‘The Loss Levels’.

The work is currently In development.



Role: Producer, 2018

Artist: Naho Matsuda

Client: FutureEverything for The Great Exhibition of the North

The second iteration of Naho Matsuda’s artwork EVERY THING EVERY TIME was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of the North 2018. A three-month celebration of the North of England’s artists, designers and inventors, the Exhibition will feature a huge number of artworks, performances, experiences and new commissions.

Naho’s artwork interacted with data from across the city provided by sensors from the Urban Observatory at Newcastle University and the buildings across the city centre. As Newcastle and Gateshead citizens passed through the city a poem is generated about their interactions in realtime, made anonymous and then displayed on a mechanical display outside the Theatre Royal in the city centre of Newcastle.

EVERY THING EVERY TIME will be shown outside the Theatre Royal, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne from June 22nd to September 9th.

[Image credit: Kevin Gibson]

Take a listen to the EVERY THING EVERY TIME podcast talks in more detail about the city of Newcastle and the inspiration behind the project.

Podcast credits: here




Role: Producer, 2017

Artist: Naho Matsuda

Client: FutureEverything for CityVerve

EVERY THING EVERY TIME was a public realm artwork commission from FutureEverything as a part of CityVerve, Manchesters demonstrator project exploring the potential of smart cities.

Four displays were installed in the public realm across Manchester, integrating with data from the CityVerve projects in real time generating poetry. The work asked viewers to consider the role data has in our lives, and the use and value it has as it is collected.


Naho Matsuda and curator Natalie Kane discussed the possibilities of live data in creating new art with Leigh Alexander.



FaultLines (1).jpg

Role: Producer / Cohort Manager 2018

Client: FutureEverything

FAULT LINES – A talent development and commissioning programme for art in technology innovation

The programmes vision was to support artists to develop art practice in technology innovation, and to create new opportunities in how artists work and where and who art is commissioned by.

I came into the role in the programmes second year, developing a bespoke development programme for each of the artists and leveraging commissions and opportunities with partners such as CityVerve, STARTS European Commission and SHIFT Cheshire east.

Artists:  Kasia MolgaDan HettLing TanHelen KnowlesNaho MatsudaChomko & RosierPeter J Evans.

[Executive production]





SUPERGESTURES by Ling Tan. A participatory art project co-created with the people of Manchester. The second artwork commissioned by CityVerve, Manchester’s IoT Smart City demonstrator. Participants will use wearable technology to create a language of body gestures which will express both their relationship with the city and their vision of a future smart city. The finale of SUPERGESTURES took place at Future Sessions in March 2018.

every thing every time by Naho Matsuda. What stories can be uncovered from a city? The first commission for CityVerve. The work used various data streams – from sensors measuring weather, traffic and travel – to create an ephemeral, poetic narrative that was displayed across Manchester. The commission brief was shaped by community forums, and responds to themes and technologies in the CityVerve project.


Quantum Entanglement, LABORATORIA Art & Science Space, Moscow

Role: Producer, 2014

Client: FutureEverything, British Council Russia

Art and science exhibition Quantum Entanglement, featuring new commissions and award-winning works from UK and Russian artists, as part of FutureEverything Moscow.

This exhibition presented a series of works by artists exploring this idea and the theory of quantum entanglement.

Artists:  Memo Akten, Semiconductor, Electroboutique , ::vtol::, Where Dogs Run, Dmitry Kawarga, Sergey Shutov,

LABORATORIA Art & Science Space, founded in 2008, is the first nonprofit exhibition and research centre in Russia focused on constructing platforms of interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary art and science. One of the main methods of Laboratoria is the integration of artists in scientific research laboratories and institutes, and vice versa, placement of scientists into the contemporary art environment.

FutureEverything Moscow was a three month UK-Russian digital culture exchange programme in partnership with British Council Russia as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014


Curators: Daria Parkhomenko, Tom Higham
Scientific advisor: Prof. Alexander Lvovsky, University of Calgary (Canada), Russian Quantum Center

Signals Of Tomorrow Showcase: ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Role: Exhibition Producer, showcase / Oct 2015

Client: FutureEverything

Singapore citizens were invited to a five day workshop to collaborate with leading designers to share ideas, affect policy, co-design prototypes and create artistic responses to issues surrounding a ‘Smart Nation’.

The final prototypes were exhibited at a special ArtScience Sunday Showcase event at the ArtScience museum in Singapore engaging over 500 visitors.

Sam Hill & Ben Barker (PAN Studios)
Daniel Hirschmann (Technology Will Save Us)
Matthew Rosier (Playable Cities 2014 Award-Winning Interactive Experience Designer)
Andreas Schlegel (LASALLE Arts)
Debbie Ding (Designer, Singapore Psychogeographical Society)
Natalie Kane (V&A, Haunted Machines)
Assemble (Turner Prize nominated architect collective.)

The exhibition was a part of The Festival of Tech for FutureEverything Singapore.