Death Futures


Death Futures is an ongoing personal project exploring how developments in technology, digital culture and the wider changing shape of the modern world is shaping our relationship with death.

I occasionally speak at events on the topic of the future of death, and I am interested in meeting digital artists, researchers and sector professionals who hold an interest in the following:

  • Emerging digital mourning rituals.

  • The impact of the ‘digital self’ on our relationship with the dead.

  • The ethics of cryonic suspension and the development of the post-death preservation process as a secular death ritual.

  • New methods for burial and body disposal such as water cremation.

  • Memorial structures and sites which incorporate technology.

  • Wider innovation, data utilisation and the implementation of technology in palliative care and the funeral industry.

I regularly post about news and updates in this subject area on the Death Futures twitter and Facebook page, if you are interested in this subject area then please feel free to follow.